Phantom Liberty’s Best New Iconic Weapons and Where to Find Them

Your Skippy and Satori won't do you much good in Dogtown as they would in the streets of Night City. You want to survive, you’ll need some new iconic weapons.

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty
Photo: CD Projekt Red

In Cyberpunk 2077, Iconic weapons are some of the strongest items you can acquire as you make your way up Night City’s criminal underbelly. These firearms, swords, and clubs are more powerful than most other items and usually sport unique perks that set them apart even further. Since Phantom Liberty introduces a brand new area to explore, complete with more missions, this DLC also packs quite a few new Iconic weapons.

Of course, Cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG that lets players decide how to approach different challenges with unique character builds, so not every iconic weapon will gel with every player. Some gamers will gravitate towards an assault rifle that makes enemies explode into pools of acid, others will find themselves drawn to a machete that lights opponents on fire. Several players might even find themselves swinging around a mundane crowbar because it’s a Half-Life reference. Still, almost every new iconic weapon in Phantom Liberty is bound to receive at least some use. Here are the ones we think are the cream of the crop.


In video games, double-barrel shotguns are widely praised for the ability to obliterate enemies, but few have power on par with Order. This tech double-barrel shotgun not only deals plenty of damage, but it also has +100% armor penetration, which is gaming lingo for “it shreds through NPCs.” However, Order’s true claim to fame is its perk. If you charge this weapon above 66% (it takes 3 seconds to reach max charge), it will unleash a volley that vaporizes every enemy in its path and leaves behind an EMP trail. When you need to atomize your enemies, accept no substitutes.

To acquire Order, you have to purchase it from the Black Market vendor.

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Murphy’s Law

According to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary, Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. According to Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, Murphy’s Law is an overpowered one-handed club that is ideal for bashing in hostile NPCs. Not only does the weapon penetrate most of an enemy’s armor, but each strike has a chance to shock, bleed, and stun them. The odds are good that one of those effects will work. Even better, if you hit someone when they’re down, this weapon’s attack speed increases. The faster you can attack with Murphy’s Law, the more likely you will shock, bleed, and/or stun them. 

To acquire Murphy’s Law, help Songbird during the final mission, “Firestarter,” and kill the goons Colonel Kurt Hansen sends after you. You should find it on one of their corpses.


Each classification of weapon has its own advantages. For instance, Tech weapons can be charged up for extra damage and penetration, whereas Smart weapons home in on targets. The Rasetsu blurs the line between these classifications. This Tech sniper rifle boasts a beastly +300% headshot damage multiplier, and each round can be charged up as normal, but unlike other Tech weapons, these shots penetrate enemies. Where do they go after they’re done perforating opponents? Into other opponents, making Rasetsu one of Cyberpunk 2077’s (and video games in general) only AoE sniper rifles. 

To acquire Rasetsu, just make your way through the mission “You Know My Name.” Make your way through the mission until you reach the sniper turret segment, and after that’s finished, simply remove the rifle from its housing. You now have the Rasetsu.


Pistols aren’t generally known for their explosive firepower, but Ogou is the exception to this rule. As a smart pistol, Ogou has an easy time hitting its targets. However, instead of firing your average homing bullet, the weapon launches a pair of miniature explosives. Not only is the effect devastating (1.5x so if it lands a critical hit), but each round has a high chance of dismembering the opponent, and each dismemberment increases the pistol’s chance to deal a critical strike and cause bleeding. With the right amount of luck, Ogou will steamroll the opposition and leave the battlefield a mess of separated limbs. Maybe Skippy was right to aim for enemy kneecaps.

To acquire Ogou, kill the Robot R Mk.II boss during the gig “Treating Symptoms.” Loot the weapon of its non-functioning husk. 

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Wild Dog

Some weapons shine when you squeeze off one or two shots at a time or fire in bursts, while others excel when you hold down the trigger for several seconds. Power light machine guns like Wild Dog fall into the latter category. The weapon might be heavy, but every hit you land increases its fire rate and crit chance, which means fights can easily devolve into a conga line of critical hits. And if Wild Dog’s bullets don’t finish off enemies, its butt will since the gun’s melee attack damage skyrockets when it’s out of ammo.

To acquire Wild Dog, help out Solomon Reed during “Firestarter.” Kill Colonel Hansen and loot his corpse for the weapon.

Bald Eagle and Fang

Technically cheating here since this is two Iconic weapons instead of one, but Bald Eagle and Fang (not to be confused with Blue Fang) are actually designed to work with each other, If you use one, you need the other.

On their own, these weapons are pretty powerful. Bald Eagle fires explosive rounds and deals some nasty headshot bonus damage, and Fang has a relatively high chance of making enemies bleed. Plus, if you throw this knife into an NPC, you hobble them and improve your melee damage output. However, Bald Eagle and Fang are devastating when you use them as a one-two punch. First, pin them by throwing Fang. Then, shoot Fang with Bald Eagle. Not only does this tactic shred your target to pieces, but it also magically recalls Fang to your inventory, which lets you repeat the process and use Fang like a sticky grenade.

To acquire Bald Eagle and Fang, just repeat the process you used to obtain Wild Dog. All three weapons should be on Colonel Hansen after you kill him.


Normally, Smart weapons only target one opponent at a time. This ability is overpowered enough as it is, but what if you could lock onto two enemies at once? Want no more with the Crimestopper. As previously stated, this Smart pistol lets you fire bullets blindly, and its software will make sure they find both of your targets. However, there’s more to Crimestopper than literal blind firing. Each bullet has a chance to immobilize whatever it hits, leaving them frozen like a deer in the headlights. Plus, any attack against an immobilized opponent deals extra crit damage. Crime doesn’t pay…unless you’re the one committing it with the Crimestopper.

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To acquire Crimestopper, enter the DA’s VIP room in Heavy Hearts during the gig “Heaviest of Hearts.” Open their luggage to find this weapon.